Sale Absolution Smooth + Firm Duo

Absolution Smooth + Firm Duo

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Brand: absolution creative apothecary
Product Code: abso_smooth_firm

Absolution Smooth + Firm Duo
A Healthy Calm for your Radiation!

  •      Cream Riche regenerating day + night cream
  •      + Solution Fermete Intensive tightening lotion for the neck and decoltee (may be applied as a cure also in the face)

extremely efficiently working together preventing signs of

  •      Stressed
  •      Reddened
  •      Dry
  •      Tired pale skin

Exclusively available before, during and after the holidays
Your skin needs mindful too! Because it's often hectic in the Christmas season, we still want to cope with everything in this year.


Ingredients Original Produkts absoltution

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