Bioaktive ingredients for purest organic skincare with best results

   Antipodes skincare is a premium, clinically proven, certified organic skin care range inspired by the beauty of nature. Antipodes products use bioactive botanical ingredients from New Zealand, carefully selected for purity and performance. Created without compromise to quality, honesty, beauty and the environment, Antipodes offers scientifically proven, protein-rich formulations with the reassurance of traceable, sustainable ingredients. Most products are organic certified, free from animal testing and all packaging features fully recyclable bottles and aluminium tubes, and 100% biodegradable card from sustainable forests.

Each and every premium botanical ingredient in an Antipodes skincare product earns its place. The sustainably cultivated plant extracts not only have to be certified organic or genuinely natural, but they must also be able to enhance your skin’s natural health and beauty – which is how our effective beauty products achieve such extraordinary scientific validation. Bioactive extracts from New Zealand's plant species that have evolved in Antipodean isolation over millions of years go through a rigorous selection process. The extracts have natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant-rich properties: New Zealand’s world-famous manuka, totara, kowhai and mamaku black fern offer a powerhouse of nutrients to your skin.


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