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Feed your skin our Body Oil contains baobab seed oil, which replenishes skin and locks in moisture.

Echium and chia seed oils, high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, deeply hydrate and even the appearance of skin tone for a smooth. Scented with pure almond and citrus essential oils for an intoxicating fragrance.

This body oil is truly divine for all skin types.

4oz. / 118ml

Application A little goes a log way, so start out with only a few drops. Soapwalla doesn't use fillers or synthetic preservatives; our Body Oil is more concentrated than most commercial skincare products. One drop will moisturize hands and keep them protected yet grease-free for hours. A single bottle of Soapwalla’s Luxurious Body Oil should last for months. Apply daily after bathing, as you would a moisturizer. This Body Oil quickly and effortlessly soaks into skin, smells good enough to eat, and feels like liquid velvet.

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