COCO & CO. products use the most premium form of virgin coconut oil for Beauty. Our line of the purest quality Virgin Coconut Oil is all-natural and contain coconuts that are grown in a rich, organic, pesticide and GMO-free coconut farm in the Philippines. Our premium coconut oils use the highest standards of meticulously extracting the coconut oil without using any heat or chemicals to preserve nutrients and purity - specially for beauty, specially for you! 

Many have heard of the benefits of coconut oil for cosmetics and health. However, other quality coconuts oils are made from a traditional low-quality process. Many cosmetic & health users often complain about the ‘greasy’ feeling similar to petroleum and an unpleasant taste. The good news is that COCO & CO.'s Virgin Coconut Oil at it’s purest offers the lightest taste and a thin, velvet smooth consistency for cosmetic use. We use the freshest coconuts no older than three days and use a special method of extraction. Our product ranks consistently at the top in blind taste, smell and feel test.

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