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The other day I was asked what I had already had done, because It's almost unnatural that my skin at my age is so even, smooth and firm.

At first I was a little offended. I am not against cosmetic surgery. I treat some of my clients with naturalproducts for aftercare and preservation of the results of a correction. I made my unique experience with Botox and I didn't like it. The fact that the effect was wearing off was a real relief and that I could use my anger wrinkle for disapproval, as well as the many other emotions written in my face.

Here is my answer:

I do pretty much everything to promote my healthy skin every day, but I spare no effort and no costs. I started with that early and in the past my cosmetics were not at all natural. When I was 29 I looked really old with later acquired allergies and I was forced to accept and endure the redness, swelling, spots, tension and feelings of heat. A cosmetic dry spell during which I was only allowed to let water onto my skin. That was a long time ago and it was over.

Since then I have had to pay meticulous attention to all active substances and ingredients, because parabens, zinc, phthalates and various fragrances can trigger a new allergic episode. I am also convinced, when I look around me, that these and many other substances are not beneficial for a healthy skin for anyone.

It would be a lie to say I never thought of helping here or there. But honestly a smooth forehead and sprayed lips would suit me? What would it bring me? Would I be happier then? Would I look better? The answer is quite simple: I don't have to strive for eternal youth and don't have to turn against my age. I find this quite normal to be unnatural.

I feel attached to the Pro Age movement. Honestly, the sooner you turn to your own naturalness the longer you will be satisfied with yourself and healthy skin.

With love for your skin

Head + Heart


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