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As the founder of BioBeautyBoutique you have decided to sell organic and natural cosmetics. What do you think are the advantages of natural cosmetics?

To be honest, I don't worry about that any more. For me it is the natural choice to care for my body in the best possible way and not an alternative. But if you ask - my skin is healthier overall, at 47 I am well preserved thanks to the natural creams and serums ;-)

Through your many years of experience you are a true skin expert! Impure skin, dry spots, etc.: What really helps against these little beauty problems?

With my long past education in the medical field and my later work as a beautician I have made the experience that it is important to understand the needs of the person who is stuck in a problematic skin. If this is certain, I search individually and specifically for solutions and give recommendations.

How do I determine the requirements of my skin?

The skin is a mirror of the person. We all care for ourselves daily, some more and some less. The different demands are reflected on the skin. In all skin care consultations, I determine what the desired goal of my customer is and can then respond to the care needs accordingly.

Beauty comes from within: Do you have a credo for more self-confidence?

To be honest, no, I know the Bad Hair Days and days when I don't think I'm pretty at all, as well as days when I really like myself and am really satisfied with my appearance. I have gained more self-confidence through my calmness to accept myself as I feel every day.

which topics do you deal with besides organic and natural cosmetics?

There are so many big dramas in this world, wars and xenophobia, corporations that only reach for profit and care a bit about the environment and ethics. Much is worrying. Then there are wonderful little developments and achievements in return. Many more of them are needed and every day I try to do my part to make the world a little bit better - all this occupies me.

do you have a morning beauty routine? If so, what does it look like?

Get up, have a cup of coffee with my partner, wake up my children and have breakfast together. To start a day without stress and with the family is the best beauty routine for me, afterwards I have a smile for everyone for the rest of the day. Of course I shower, use deodorant, clean my face, use a serum, day cream and a light make-up.

what is your absolute favorite product and why?

Not a simple question, they are different. At the moment I love the Dr. Alkaitis eye cream, in the evening I do my grooming routine with products from Antipodes and in the morning with Absolution. Essential for me are the Absolution Solution+ serums, the tinted day cream La Creme du Teint and my Schmidt's Deodorant. One thing I always have with me, although applying it once a day is perfectly sufficient.

topic "Anti-Aging": Do you bend over? If yes, how?

Anti aging begins at a young age. The results can only be seen effectively delayed. At 47 I have a vital and healthy skin. I never lie directly in the sun, wear sunglasses and sun protection. In summer I rarely go without a hat. In the morning and evening I clean and cream my face, neck and décolleté - this has been since I was a teenager and no matter what time I arrived home earlier and how wild the party was, without previous care no beauty sleep.

what are your favourite brands that you never want to do without again?

The marks, which we offer in the BioBeautyBoutique. I also have wonderful samples of brands from overseas and Africa. As soon as they are ready to expand, I will not hesitate to include them in my assortment.

What message would you like to share with your customers?

I have the best customers in the world and there have been a few in the past few years. Friendships have grown with some of them and a solid basis of trust has grown in terms of skin care. My customers keep their eyes open for me, some brands are also available in the shop on request.

What drives you? What is your goal with BBB?

I have already achieved so much when I think back to the early days of my self-employment 12 years ago. I am very proud of it and also very grateful. Personal contact with my customers is particularly important to me, although I could also delegate this to customer service. Everything comes at its own time, and as it must come there are many small projects in progress and I have learned to focus on them and to implement them without pressure.

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