True beauty comes from within and we take care of the rest - quite naturall

Our daily care does not contain any substances that are harmful to health or the environment. Nevertheless, we rightly do not have to do without a modern lifestyle. The special features of genuine natural cosmetics and the brands offered in the range are as follows

  • free of parabens (preservatives)

  • free of synthetic and chemical dyes

  • unscented

  • excluding substances derived from petroleum and natural gas extraction (paraffin wax)

  • without (CMR) carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) active substances

  • free from pesticide, herbicide, fungicide (from conventional field products)

  • no genetically modified plant active ingredients (GMO)

  • without hormone effect on our body

  • no animal testing

  • without microplastic

  • without alcohol

  • without additives

  • Production according to comprehensive ethical and ecological principles

  • Certification for natural and/or organic quality in the country of origin

  • aesthetic and appealing design

  • no misleading advertising statements

Natural cosmetics are more expensive

 it is correct that active substances and ingredients are more expensive
Certification and controls are costly

however, you pay less for your qualitatively pure natural cosmetics than for a conventional skin care from mass production with cheap synthetic and chemical ingredients.

Order natural cosmetics at biobeautyboutique because:

In the biobeautyboutique assortment you will find only exclusively hand-picked brands from leading natural cosmetics manufacturers.
personal skin care advice on request

in addition to your purchase you will receive samples free of charge

fast delivery in loving packaging

Why should I buy natural cosmetics?

answered simply:

  • Natural cosmetics are compatible with you

  • does not cause allergies

  • is harmless to health

  • is strictly controlled