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Brand: RMS Beauty
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RMS Beauty - Hidden Desire Palette Limited Edition

Limited Edition with 8 modern, flattering and unpublished colours to match any skin tone type.The six Swift Shadows are in satin matte finish which can be easily blended and numerous colour shades can be created. The pressed blush is a delicate flatterer that you should miss. The bright Luminizing Powder promotes glowing charisma.
This make-up palette offers everything for a festive evening make-up but also to look discreet and well-groomed every day.


  • true love swift shadow: satin-pink
  • mind control swift shadow: smoky indigo
  • secret admirer swift shadow: warm grey
  • guilty swift shadow: deep copper with warm undertones
  • immortal swift shadow: an apricot shimmer
  • lady vanish swift shadow: deep gold aubergine clay
  • mystic moment luminizing powder: elegant, transparent glitter
  • passion play pressed blush: soft, salmon pink

The RMS Swift Shadow can be easily applied with the Eye Polish Brush or with the fingerstips. They can be mixed individually to create your own style. They work both moist and dry. The moist application produces deeper, more intensive results. The rouge is suitable for the upper part of the cheeks and opens the eyes when applied under the eyebrows. The Luminizing Powder completes the look and can be used wherever you want to emphasize freshness and luminosity – the Glow. Be creative you can't do anything wrong with these gorgeous Palette

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