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The Konjac Sponge Co - Konjac Travel & Sports Sponge in Lilac Pouch

The travel & sports sponge comes in its own travel pouch, ideal for carrying to and from the gym, or away on holidays.

The perfect accompaniment for all Ladies who exercise. Whether it be  the gym, the dance or yoga studio, or even the football or rugby pitch! You name it girls! This sponge is for YOU! Because we all know, ladies don't sweat, they just gently glow!

Well, the new body sports sponge will keep you ahead of the game in the sweat department! Either use the sponge for a thorough cleanse and wash after the exercise, or keep the damp sponge on hand for a refreshing wipe  during exercise.

The pouch is a handy size and keeps your sponge from dampening everything in your kit. However, the bag is for travel only. Always pay attention to the care of your sponge when not in use and hang your rinsed out sponge to dry between use. If you like, just pop your clean rinsed sponge and pouch into the fridge to keep it fresh and cool and help keep your sponge longer. The sponge will need to be replaced as and when it starts to look tired and breakdown. We expect with careful use that the sponge should last between 1 and 3 months.

The sponges in the sports pouches are delivered to you in a dry form, please ensure you run under the tap and hydrate before use. This will make your sponge soft bouncy and very refreshing!

As always, our Konjac Sports sponge is 100% pure finest top grade Konjac and Hand made.

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