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Absolution L'Eau Soir + Matin

Organic certified cleansing water Lemon balm, Potassium, Helicrysum PURIFIES, SOFTENS, ..

CHF 48.00

Absolution La Creme de l'Homme

Anti-aging certified organic skincare for men Hemp, Baobab, Ginseng REPAIRS, PROTECTS, F..

CHF 76.00

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Absolution La Crème Douce Démaquillante

CLEANS, REMOVES MAKEUP, SOOTHES, REPAIRS Cleans, removes makeup, soothes, repairs. 99% ..

CHF 52.00

Absolution La Crème Gommante

Soft scrub for face and neck Almond, Diatom, Amaranth CLEAN, BOOST, POLISH 99.40% of..

CHF 43.00


Absolution Le Brume Systemique

Absolution Systemic Fog is a multi purpose oil in water treatmentideal for instant relieve to very d..

CHF 54.00 CHF 27.00

Absolution Le Lavant Corps Doux

For a shower quite in delicacy Cleans, Sooths, Invigorates This product is 99% natural and 21%..

CHF 34.00

Absolution Le Nettoyant Pureté

Formulated for those who like to clean the face with water. The gel cleanses, soothes and regulates..

CHF 38.00

Absolution Le Savon Blanc

Spicy scent will help you to start the day brillantly A beauty ritual with ease, to take care o..

CHF 14.00

Absolution Le Soin du Corps

Sesame, Apple, Baobab HYDRATES, NOURISHES, RESTRUCTURES 99,28 % natural 52,55 % organ..

CHF 53.00

Antipodes Nirvana Hand + Bodywash

Indulge in the ultimate unisex hand & body wash for your daily and nightly grooming rituals. A m..

CHF 30.90

Honoré des Prés Chaman's Party Eau de Toilette

Honore des Pres Chaman's Party is an explosive unisex fragrance with aphrodisiac properties. Sexy,..

CHF 62.00

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Less is More Cajeput Pure Balace Shampoo

for all hair types gentle shamoo, balancing sulfate-free formula which gives hair a healthy shine..

CHF 29.00

Less is More Cajeput Pure Balance Conditioner

for all hair types bio-active care complex which smoothes the surface of the hair, locks in moist..

CHF 31.00

Less is More Kieselwax

STYLING / STYLING-FINISH / ALL HAIRTYPES Gives strong texture with matt finish and flexible hold,..

CHF 28.00

Less is More Mascobadogel

STYLING-FINISH / VOLUME / ALL HAIRTYPES Versatile gel for strong hold, can be used as a classic s..

CHF 31.00

Less is More Neem Scalp Relieve Conditioner

helps alleviate scalp irritation bio-active care complex especially for irritated scalps, a real ..

CHF 31.00

Soapwalla Lavender + French Clay Soap

Feed your skin with Soapwalla’s Lavender & French Clay Soap Bar, designed to clean and soothe se..

CHF 15.00

Soapwalla Rosewood Cedar + Clay Soap

Soapwalla’s Rosewood, Cedar, and Clay Soap Bar is the ideal shaving bar:. Rosewood and cedarwood ess..

CHF 15.00


Schmidt's Deo Stick Cedarwood + Juniper

Provocative an warm woody scent ist irresistible award-winning formula naturally and effective..

CHF 14.00 CHF 8.00

Konjac Sponge Bamboo Charcoal

The Konjac Sponge Co - Bamboo Charcoal Sponge Konjac sponge for spot prone, oily skin and the ide..

CHF 11.95