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joyful moments eye elixir
Essential Eye Serum

Moments that we will never forget. These moments make life unique. With the joyful moments eye elixir from the "Best Buddy" collection, there are always unforgettable moments without remorse.

The Essential Eye Serum Hyaluronic beaming into your eyes and gives the delicate eye area much moisture.
The fragrant neutral mawiLove joyful moments eye elixir is fat free and is quickly absorbed into the sensitive skin. In this way the eye area receives pure moisture it needs for a radiant look.
Application: Use morning and evening, after your cleansing ritual, the joyful moments eye elixir. With the help of the ring finger is knocking sparingly around the delicate eye area the eye elexir.

mawiLove recommendation:
In addition to our joyful moments eye elixir for the eye area, we recommend one of three highly active mawiLove facial sera and subsequently, if necessary with 24 happy skin cream to complete the ritual care.


Benefits To support the serum mask in their effect, we recommend one of the three pre-highly active mawiLove facial serums and our Joyful Moments Eye Elixir to complement the care ritual.
Ingredients Aqua, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate

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