Which nail polish is the best

                                                                                            No chipping, dry quickly

Do you prefer bright or pastel, colorful, acute or sober? Nail polish always fits on all occasions. With Priti NYC we offer you a 5free nail polish which will not disappoint your desires. The Soya nail polish remover is the only one we know worldwide that does not stink in fact it smells wonderful it doesn’t dry out nails. This is natural nail care at it’s best and high quality! The Gel Like Top Coat is innovation and sensation, applied over a color varnish, the coating lasts perfectly for a week.

Tips for proper application of nail polish

  • Take time - speed is nothing
  • After the removal of nail polish degrease the nail well
  • Apply Basecoat; Base and Topcoat 2in1, Strong Nail Strength - helps to stronger and less brittle nails - dry for a short time
  • Apply color varnish creamy is covering well  - to apply a sheer varnish take two layers for full brilliance - dry for a short time.
  • Dont forget the Top Coat 2in1, if your in hurry use Speedy Dry - quick drying nail polish or Gel like Topcoat - works like gel nail polish but can easily be removed with soy nail polish remover

Have fun choosing your Priti colors

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