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Scalp + Hair Treatment

dry scalp is immediately soothed, annoying itching is a thing of the past

  • this natural serum for the scalp
  • strengthens the hair roots
  • works against hair loss
  • relieves itching
  • reduced scab
  • beautifies the hair
  • serves as heat protection

Massage the serum into the scalp after shampooing like a pack and leave to work for at least 15 minutes

RAHUA OIL: is rich in Omega 9, it strengthens hair follicles, strengthens weak, damaged strands, moisturizes and maintains the health of the scalp. We use Symbiotic®* Rahua.

PALO-SANTO-OIL: Balances the *microbiome of the scalp. A natural bio-preservative that benefits the scalp by eliminating the bad bacteria that cause dandruff or dry scalp while supporting the good bacteria that promote hair growth and scalp health.

HEMP OIL: is nature's anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory wonder weapon, rich in amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants

Conclusion biobeautyboutique Team: A great serum for stressed and itchy scalp. Eith regular use it provides full and airy hair and the scalp is really well moisturized.

*Microbiom is the sum of all micro-organisms, i.e. micro-organisms such as bacteria and other unicellular organisms that are located in a certain habitat, in our case on or in the human body.

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