Natural cosmetics without animal Testing

What you need to know about animal experiments in cosmetics

At biobeautyboutique, there are neither products nor raw materials which have been tested on animals.

We are strictly against animal testing we are

The EWU Cosmetics Guideline
This Guideline applies, of course, only to the EU. Switzerland itself consistently refuses to opt for a ban on animal experiments for cosmetics, cleaning and household products. However, it is clear that Swiss cosmetics manufacturers must adapt, since they are dependent on a sale of their products in the EU area. This is why the prohibition on the sale of cosmetic products and raw materials tested in animal experiments, irrespective of the country in which they were produced and tested, may be regarded as a great success. After the use of animal experimenters for decades, the 7th amendment of the Cosmetics Directive (2003/15 / EC) came into effect on 11 March 2003.

In summary, the most important core points of the cosmetics guideline

  • 11.9.2004 Prohibition of animal experiments for finished cosmetic products.
  • 11.9.2004 prohibition on the sale of cosmetic products and raw materials tested on animals, if validated by the EU (recognized) animal test-free test methods are available.
  • 11.3.2009 Ban on most animal experiments for cosmetic raw materials.
  • 11.3.2009 Prohibition on the sale of cosmetics and raw materials tested for animals for most of the routine animal tests, regardless of whether or not animal testing is already available for these animals.
  • 11.3.2013 Sales ban for cosmetics and raw materials tested for animals for the remaining three animal tests.

Can we buy any cosmetics with a "good conscience"?

The reforms in the EU Cosmetics Guideline are a very important sign for the future and for the fight against animal testing.
Unfortunately, however, the topic of "cosmetics and animal experiments" can not yet be completely settled. We we still have to pay attention which products we shop.

  • The Cosmetics Directive applies only to raw materials which are used exclusively for cosmetics. This is only about 10% of the raw materials
  • 90% of all chemical raw materials used in cosmetics are also used in other areas. For example, In the industry as a component of a paint spray or as a moisturizing agent any product from the supermarket. All these substances are continue to be tested in animal experiments under EU chemicals legislation (REACH). However, these substances may continue to be used for cosmetics.
  • Likewise, active substances are not covered by this Directive, although they are also used in some form in medicine.
    This Directive lays down the possibility of derogations where, for example, There are serious concerns for the safety of a cosmetic raw material and these apparently can not be treated with an animal test-free test method. However, the hurdle to make use of this exception is quite high
  • By the way, it is not only about cosmetics, but also about cleaning and household: means as well as many other everyday products. These are, unfortunately, excluded from this Directive and are likely to continue to be assessed and tested in accordance with EU Chemicals Law (REACH).

The dream of generally "animal-free" cosmetics is unfortunately still far away, even if we have come a long way closer to. Animal testing-free cosmetics will only be available in every supermarket and department store, if generally all chemicals are no longer tested on animals

In order to illuminate the topic of cosmetics without animal experiments we recommend to inform you about Peta USA maintains a list of producers who carry out animal experiments or carry out their own experiments. Likewise, all manufacturers who want to export to China and export their products to the market must approve the cosmetic products by state-approved animal tests for the sales permit.

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