The normal skin is characterized by smoothness and suppleness

  • it's rosy
  • Well-perfused
  • Matt glossy complexion
  • fine pores
  • Sebum and moisture are balanced

The best for your normal skintype is the care with organic productst. Organic skincare has many benefits and its allover better because of it is:

  • without preservative substances
  • without parabens
  • without microplastics
  • without silicones
  • without alcohol and perfume

Normal skin reacts very well to a change with organic skincare products, let your skin decide how healthy it feels with the finest organic skincare

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Absolution L'Eau Soir + Matin

Organic certified cleansing water Lemon balm, Potassium, Helicrysum PURIFIES, SOFTENS, ..

CHF 48.00

Absolution La Crème Douce Démaquillante

CLEANS, REMOVES MAKEUP, SOOTHES, REPAIRS Cleans, removes makeup, soothes, repairs. 99% ..

CHF 52.00

Absolution La Crème du Teint Light

Make up and care Tamanu, Green Tea, Thermus termophilus UNIFIES, SOOTHES, PROTECTS ..

CHF 55.00

Absolution La Solution + Protection

Certified organic revitalizing booster serum  Echinacea, edelweiss, thermus thermophilus..

CHF 55.00

Absolution Le Booster Eclat

Certified organic radiant booster serum Beach buds, raspberry bush, prickly pear UNIFIES, ILLU..

CHF 72.00

Absolution Le Serum Anti Soif

Moisturizing & Antioxidant Serum Aloe, Elderberry, Scutellaria MOISTURIZES, PROTECTS, ..

CHF 47.00

Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant Toner

ANTIPODES Ananda Antioxidant Gentle Toner is an Organic facial spritz which brings bliss to stressed..

CHF 32.90

Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser

ANTIPODES Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser is the perfect cleanser for sensitive and irritated skin types..

CHF 31.90

Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intense Serum

A water-charged and oil-free bioactive serum that immediately quenches thirsty skin and helps intens..

CHF 43.90

Antipodes Immortal SPF15 Day Cream

Sun-protect the skin on your face and body with the premium natural ingredients of Immortal SPF 15 N..

CHF 44.90

Antipodes Safe Skin Set

Antipodes Safe Skin Set your skin will surely surpass the winter without damage   ..

CHF 137.60